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Bendigo is one of the major metropolitan cities in Australia and a hub of various industries.  With industries such as mining and manufacturing making a significant impact on the economy, the demand for trained and competent trades personnel has doubled up. 

This has widened the talent pool with many industries finding it difficult to recruit the right professionals.  Contact Oakwood Resource Group for recruitment solutions.

Seasoned Industrial Recruitment Agency in Bendigo

At Oakwood Resource Group, we enable you to maintain a consistent talent pipeline in various fast-paced industries. We help employers to locate the right tradesmen candidate at the right time.  We have the expertise and experience to connect you with the best people within the fastest turnaround time.

Top-ranking Tradesman Employment Agency in Bendigo

Locating trained and skilled trade candidates can be time consuming. Being a leading tradesman recruitment agency in Bendigo, we have a thorough and upgraded network and source first-rate talent for various industries. 

Experienced Electrical Recruitment Company in Bendigo

The unique geographical position of Australia has made it one of the major hubs for renewable energies. With several huge projects in the pipeline, there’s a huge demand for highly trained and skilled trade professionals. We are a trusted electrical recruitment company in Bendigo and work on a dynamic business model to recruit best professionals. 

Get Connected With Professional Crane Technician Recruiter in Bendigo

Finding a qualified and professional crane technician is challenging. Oakwood Resource Group is a reputed crane technician recruiter in Bendigo and helps you match you with the right technicians in the most time-efficient manner. 

Make your Operations Smooth With Mining Placement Agency in Bendigo

In order to make your operations smooth, it is vital that you connect with the right people. Being a reputed mining placement agency in Bendigo, we follow a collaborative talent acquisition process to direct the best candidates. 

Seasoned Civil Engineer Hiring Agency in Bendigo

Oakwood Resource Group is a leading civil engineer hiring agency in Bendigo and helps you hire competent tradesmen for specialised projects. 

Reputed Oil & Gas Job Agency in Bendigo

Experts from Oakwood Resource Group offer tailored recruitment solutions to oil and gas companies to help them recruit and retain the best professionals. We work with numerous job seekers across the country to find you the most capable and trained professional trade roles. 

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Are you in-between careers?  Contact Oakwood Resource Group. We match you with the right job perfect opportunity. 

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