Smooth Operations with Oil and Gas Recruitment Agencies

One of the most technically advanced and occupationally challenging industries- Oil and Gas recruitment agencies recruit people with specialised technical skills and hands-on experience to ensure stress-free operations at any level.

Oakwood Resource Group closely collaborates with you to connect you with the right talent across Australia that checks all your boxes.

Oil and Gas Employment Agencies Help You Meet Industry Experts

We extend tailored solutions to Oil and Gas companies to help them recruit and retain the finest talent. By being able to collaborate with hundreds of employers and job seekers across the country- we work closely with you to find you the most capable and trained professionals even for some of your most complex of projects in the pipeline.

Oakwood- One of the leading Australian Oil and Gas Recruitment Company Recruits For:

  • Engineering & Maintenance technicians
  • Exploration & Geoscience
  • Drilling
  • Operations
  • Production & Refinement
  • Offshore Production & Maintenance Specialists
  • Chemical, Electrical & Mechanical Engineers.
  • Instrumentation Specialist
  • Subsea Engineers
  • Production Technologist
  • Plant & Machinery Specialist

Connecting employers with Trade Talent In Oil and Gas

Oakwood compiles an expansive Database of Jobs and Job Seekers Across Australia with recruitment technology that saves your time and money.

At Oakwood Resource Group, we match seasoned professionals with the right jobs- You might be looking to start off your career in the Oil and Gas industry or seeking a specialised role to sky-rocket your career growth; we collaborate with thousands of employers across the nation.

If you are an employer searching for the right type of professionals within the Oil and Gas sector or a job seeker looking for the perfect growth opportunity, we have got you covered.

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